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What Is Emu Oil and What Does It Do?

Emu oil is a broad-spectrum use product. It has many uses in our everyday lives. Emu Oil works better than other natural oils for a number of reasons.

Emu oil is an almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides are abundant in human skin lipids; the composition of fatty acids in the human skin is similar to that of emu oil.

As emu oil mirrors the lipids of the human body, our bodies are able to absorb emu oil very rapidly, and thus, it is much more effective than other natural oils. It is a tissue nutrient. One of the components of emu oil is oleic acid; oleic acid increases the ability of emu oil to carry compounds through the skin.

Emu oil does not contain phospholipids, which makes absorption more difficult. The absence of phospholipids makes emu oil highly penetrating.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu oil contains no steroids or hormones and is known for its normalizing abilities. It may slow down an overperforming body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough. According to Dr. Leigh Hopkins, PharmD, "the very impressive ability of the emu oil is that it seems to encourage those systems to work in concert as they are designed to do. When you are deficient in certain components, that system then does not heal normally, quickly, etc. and the emu oil simply helps to orchestrate the healing process."
Emu oil can be used topically for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkle prevention, and as an anti-inflammatory for aching joints and muscles. It is great for sunburns, radiation treatment burns, and tattoos, as well as minor cuts and wounds. It can be ingested in gel cap form to help from inside out by supplying your body with the essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy body.
Emu oil is a wonderful product to keep on hand for many uses. Once you discover this new wellness compound, you'll want to keep a bottle with you wherever you go! Join thousands of people throughout the world who tell us they will never allow themselves to run out of emu oil

            Find Out How Emu Oil              Helps in Healing

We have found that emu oil is one of the most healing oils. It penetrates deeper than any other oil of its kind. Our line of emu oil has many products that support what we do at Indian Sun Tanning.

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Uses of Emu Oil

  • Reduces swelling and stiffness in joints
  • Reduces bruising
  • Rebuilds collagen and reduces appearance of fine lines and stretch marks
  • Promotes healing with scar reduction
  • Regrows Hair in approximately 70% of people
  • Moisturizes dry and cracked skin
  • Alleviates sunburn pain
  • Aid healing skin from rashes and bed sores
  • Helps clear up acne
  • Promotes healthy gum tissue
  • Alleviates sting and itch from insect bites
  • Eases teething pains
  • Helps clear up diaper rash
  • Alleviates hot spots on animals
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Emu Oil Products Available With Us

  • Pure Emu Oil in 2 and 4 oz Bottles
  • Inner Relief Dietary Supplement
  • Zap It - Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Skin Hydration Moisturizer
  • Hand and Body Lotion
  • Emu Oil Soaps Available In a Variety of Scents
  • Essential Needs Skin Therapy for Pets
  • New Tattoo Skin Care and Essential Skin Care Oil (great for piercings)
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Fragrance-free emu oil soaps are available at Indian Sun Tanning!
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