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Prep Instructions for Your Red Light Therapy Treatment

Receiving the best result from Red Light Therapy depends on the ability of your skin to receive the light as deep as possible. It's important to have clean skin at the time of your session.

Prep sprays and lotions have ingredients that soften the old cells in the corneal layer of the epidermis making the skin more permeable to the light rays. They also ensure that your skin is at its peak to activate its own Collagen production.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy Products After the Treatment

Using products after your treatment session is also important to support the healing and anti-aging that Red Light starts. Keeping skin hydrated and supported with products that continue to regenerate cells is key. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to assist in skin hydration also. 

Indian Sun Tanning carries a large selection of Red Light Therapy Products from Devoted Creations Collagenetics, Beauty Angel, Body IQ, and Pure Emu Oil. Whatever be your reason for Red Light Treatments, we have the products to support it.
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