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Since 2005, we've gone to extreme measures to hone our process so that you can feel great about the color of your spray tan. When you follow our preparation and follow-through instructions, We Guarantee No Orange!

Spray Tanning
A Sunless Spray Tan is the most popular way to gain a natural looking tan quick. Spray Tanning has definitely had it's struggles. If your belief is a spray tan will make you orange, blotchy and streaked - rest assured you will not experience that result here. At Indian Sun Tanning, we have gone to extreme measures to understand the process of how it works and use the best available products on the market.
Why is it natural looking?  Because contrary to popular belief you are not going to be spray painted. Spray Tan Solution contains an ingredient that when it lays on your skin for a period of time causes your natural browning agent to darken without the use of UV rays.  So you "tan" your natural ability to tan over a 24 to 48 hour period of time. If you listen to a Trained and Educated Spray Technician and follow directions you will look like you spent some time cultivating that perfect tan.  Remember: Spray Tanning does not prevent sunburn. Wear SPF when exposing to natural sunlight. 
So if you need to have quick color call for instructions and an appointment.  The best time is approximately 48 hours before your event. 
 Why Fade In, When You Can Stand Out?

Follow our Preparation and Follow Thru Instructions and We Guarantee No Orange....


BRIDAL SPECIALS Sunless Guidelines Preparation For Your Sunless Spray Tan During Your Airbrush Tan After Tan Maintenance Helpful Tidbits
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Technician Applied Sunless Spray Tan
We Offer Different Options of Spray Solutions that Allow Us to Prevent You from Experiencing Orange, Blotchy, or Streaked Skin. You'll Receive Complete Prep and Follow Through Instructions when You Call For Your Appointment. 
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