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Indian Sun Tanning is a Devoted Creations and Ed Hardy 5 Star Exclusive Salon. Most other Indoor Tanning Lotions are water based and tend to dry out skin. Drinking water hydrates skin.  Devoted Creations lotions are Aloe Based and Ed Hardy Lotions are Coconut Milk and Coconut Juice Based. Hydration and healing is accomplished with these ingredients. 

From accelerators to natural bronzers to full bronzers to tingles, we have lotions for every stage of your tanning. Indoor Tanning Lotions are different than what is sold for outside use. Salon lotions have the most up to date Skin Care ingredients on the market.  Using these products promote a better tan and slow down the process of premature aging of the skin.  No matter what your concern:  streaking,  staining, skin sensitivities, fading tattoos, gender, year round tanner, seasonal tanner or budgets we have a lotion just for you.  

Make Your Tan Last Longer With Our Tan Extenders

After-Tan Extenders are just that - they help extend the length of your tan.  Unlike over the counter moisturizers they do not have mineral or other heavy oils, Petrolatum and/or SLS, which are ingredients that speed up the top layer of your skins exfoliation cycle.  For someone who is tanning that is counter productive. 

Our extenders are made with ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated, subtle, and healthy, so you can build a better tan. You can choose different formulas to get the softness of Cashmere, light tint to produce better color or ingredients that protect tattoos and your tan from fading.  Our Body Washes are also made with non stripping ingredients and support healthier skin.  We can help you with a total Skin Care regimen that will make you wonder why you never tried this before.  
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