Smarter Tanning

UV Therapy/Tanning

Focused on Moderate and Smarter Indoor Tanning 

Our salon believes that Moderate Tanning is Your Smartest Way to Maximize the Potential Benefits of Sun Exposure while Minimizing the Potential Risks Associated with Either Too Much or Too Little Sunlight.

Want to have a gorgeous tan all year long? Getting ready for a cruise? Preparing for the summer so you don't burn outside? Are you using UV sunbeds for therapeutic reasons? Let Indian Sun Tanning make it a reality. In business since 2005, our Locally Owned and Operated Company is a Sun Is Life Certified Salon that can help you achieve the results in the smartest way possible.

Five Different Levels of UV Equipment

Indian Sun and Silver is Dedicated to Offering You Options to Assist You in Reaching Your Tanning Goals. With 5 Levels of Tanning and Different UV Units and Lamps in those Levels, you have the potential to surpass your expectations. 
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Our Promise for Exceptional Tanning

  • At Indian Sun Tanning, We change lamps BEFORE manufacturers' suggested hours in ALL Level Beds, Not Just Our Higher Levels. You'll get a tan in any level of equipment you choose, if you follow our lead.
  • Breaking a Plateau can be done multiple ways. We will not always suggest a different bottle of lotion.
  • With most purchases, you will earn wooden nickels worth a dollar a piece. They are good for 30 days and can be used on packettes and upgrades. You may use them to pay for half of the cost.
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Disclaimer: UV Therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The results above are provided for general information and self-education only . As with anything - if you have concerns consult your Physician. If you can not gain color when exposed to sun, you probably will not be able to do so with the use of Indoor Tanning Units.  

All Packages and Memberships are subject to appropriate taxes.
*Session Packages have no expiration period. 
*Memberships are a period of days that you can tan once a day, every day we are open, until expiration. 
*"Sun Club" is an Electronic Funds Transfer Once a Month for at least 12 months. There is a Processing Fee at Sign-Up. 
***We also have a 4 month Sun Club, 20 Session Package and Year Membership Pricing. See Salon for Details. 
* Packages and Memberships are non-transferable, cannot be exchanged or refunded.  No Returns or exchanges on Product.
* Tanning Packages may be shared.
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